Our Story – Sacred Baby Massage Videos in the Works!

by Summer Menkee, CEIM

IMG_5319We are in the midst of creating our very first summer & sage Sacred Baby Massage video series!  We had a fun 3 days of shooting with our family (hubby, Sage, and mother-in-law/Indian Baby Massage Guru) at our new home, testimonials and  classes with moms and infants outside in the park and at BINI Birth.


As you might know, Infant Massage awareness in the U.S. is minimal at best. I am so excited to soon share My Story – how I got inspired to start summer & sage, and why spreading awareness about the countless, amazing benefits is so important! In addition to an introduction video, we are creating a series of How-To videos for parents to learn the ancient art of baby massage, right in their own homes, on any tablet or device.  As a new mom myself, I know firsthand how hard it is to get out of the house during the first 1-3 months.  Recovering from the intense process of childbirth, and the overwhelming task of learning how to care for a brand spanking new, squirming, squealing baby can be overwhelming.  In addition to the surreal bliss and euphoria that a new baby brings, there’s also the shock and unrest of new life, learning to adjust and trying to communicate nonverbally… Those first two months are the MOST important for parents and babies to quickly bond and pick up cues through touch communication.  I can assure you that Infant Massage routines and techniques work to relieve gas and colic, soothe your little baby boobah to sleep, relax them from the stress of the day or restlessness of the night, and give mom (or dad) and baby a release from it all… A moment to forget about primal needs, just lock eyes with one another and caress that oh-so-soft baby skin, you can just get lost in it.


“Sounds idyllic, but, how do it?” – is what you might be thinking right now. That’s why we are putting together a special video series to show parents how easy it is to massage your baby, at home. For example: you will be able to focus on just baby’s Legs & Feet through reflexology and Indian baby massage techniques, or Belly & Chest routines to relieve Gas and Colic, aiding with digestion. We will also share how to create a comfortable home environment for massage, the best oil to use, and other ways to make you feel confident as the expert on how to soothe and comfort your baby.

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