Natural and Holistic Baby Expo, Infant Massage Demo & October Workshop Dates!

by Summer Menkee, CEIM


Mama Needs A Drink! Or, a green smoothie and almond bar 🙂

Today’s Infant Massage demonstration at Mama Needs A Drink (Mommy & Me meet up) at A Magic Forest play space was both eventful and enlightening.  I’m not used to a room full of nine 6-10 month olds, and one sleeping 4 week old – the baby who could benefit the most slept through my entire presentation.  Thank the universe I am not in the business of sharing what I know about this ancient tradition of nurturing touch because of ego.  I try to check that at the door when teaching new moms (or dads) how to massage their little bundles of bliss.  I definitely had to use my theatre voice today to educate these very cool moms, and their actively crawling/vocal babes, on the benefits of Infant Massage- namely “Gas and Colic Relief.”  Come on, if you are going to social group that involves moms and drinking, you gotta be cool!  And, Robyn and Kacia are just that – very cool, veteran mamas.  They take each mom’s order, and serve them a freshly made “Green” or “Yummy” smoothie, snack, and yes- wine is on the table too.  As any parent knows, mama definitely needs an occasional drink!


Hostess with the mostest, Kacia

Just like baby needs a daily massage…  To help him poop, relieve her gas, calm his acid reflux, help her sleep more comfortably, stretch out his tension, strengthen, lengthen and tone those limbs, boost his immune system, raise her IQ – the benefits are endless!  So, of course I said “yes” when fellow Yoga West mama Jiya Harsha, who practices Indian Baby Massage on her beautiful baby Radhika, referred me to speak at her mommy & me group.


Baby Radhika

After my demo/presentation, they all took turns talking about what issues they were facing at home, brainstorming and getting advice from one another and their fearless leaders.  As a new mom myself, communing with other moms is always an uplifting experience, and a much needed reminder that I am not alone.  So, kudos to Mama Needs A Drink!  And, even though Sage has already aged out of this sweet group (1-12 months), I definitely plan on bringing him back for a play date to A Magic Forest – Waldorf inspired playground.  Mar Vista is my favorite neighborhood for natural and holistic parenting!  And, I truly hope I find a similar vibe as we make our move to L.A.’s east side.  Hello, Eagle Rock!

Great news!  Just found out we’ve been accepted as a vendor for the Natural and Holistic Baby Expo happening in Long Beach on Saturday, September 20th!  Come check out our Sacred Infant Massage Booth at this amazing event headlined by Alicia Silverstone and Dr. Harvey Karp, with a special screening and Q&A of The Milky Way documentary (an expose on breastfeeding in the U.S.).



October Sacred Infant Massage workshop series

Mondays, October 6-27, Noon-1:15pm

TLC Womans Health Center

1122 S. Robertson Blvd., Ste. 17

West L.A., CA  90035



Anecdote: I love when I meet a parent that say, “Oh, we are a big massage household, even our dogs get massaged.”  You’re my kind of people.  ~ Summer Sinclair, CEIM (International Association of Infant Massage)