Sacred Baby Massage at SoRo Community Street Festival

by Summer Menkee, CEIM

Last Sunday, June 1st, I shared booth space with my fellow Momtrepeneur friend, Serena Chang (Serena Interiors), at the 17th annual SoRo Community Street Festival.  Lucky me to be able to get my feet wet with a feng shui guru, and SoRo Fest veteran, my first time out.  It felt awesome to share my new startup business with the community, in person, one on one.  Especially since I have a new Infant Massage workshop series starting up the street at TLC Midwifery (Davi Khalsa’s new workshop space) near Pico/Robertson on Monday, June 9th.  My building neighbor Vicky, who recently ran and won a seat in our SoRo neighborhood council, stopped by to offer “safety” assistance throughout the day.  Other mommy friends who both Serena and I were pregnant with at Yoga West (prenatal yoga class) stopped by to say “hi” with their babies and hubbies.  What a treat to see my ten-month-old waving (his cutest new trick) at his old friends!  It’s hard to believe that all of our babies nearly are a year old now.  New clients who subscribed to our mailing list were entered into a drawing for a FREE Sacred Baby Massage Workshop!  Congratulations to our drawing winner – Mama Mary and Baby Ben (2 1/2 months)!!!


A visit from L.A. County Sheriff candidate, Jim McDonnell, was a pleasant surprise, so was the photo taken and emailed later that night by his assistant.  A wonderful grass-roots effort on his part, he got my vote.

My husband and in-laws came and hung out with me for lunch.  My son, Sage, got to help mommy for awhile in the booth as he spread his joy to all the passersby!  Having a baby boy is so much fun, beyond my wildest imagination.  He is such a people person, with no “stranger danger.”  What a gift!   It was also neat for his grandma, my mother-in-law, who first taught me Indian Baby Massage when he was born, to see our business brain child in action.  I import our baby massage blankets through her in northern India, and she introduced me to Mustard Seed Oil traditionally used in north Indian massage, rich in antioxidants, omega 3’s and other benefits including UV protection.

Organic mustard seed oil samples were poured into curious palms of pregnant mamas to mothers of four.  God bless these ladies for lugging their bumps, strollers and front packs in the L.A. heat!  Parents got to feel our velvety soft baby massage blankets, as well as the waterproof, anti-bacterial (Silver Nano) layer underneath.  I got to demo how the full size (large) blanket is actually two starter size (medium) blankets in one.  If you cut it in half you have two blankets, which is great for when one needs washing because you have a clean one ready to go.  It was wonderful to speak one on one to moms currently doing massage at home using e-book instruction guides and coconut oil,  also as a bedtime and before/after bath routine.  One older mom with a teenager who wanted to try an oil sample shared that she massaged her adopted daughter when they came to her at four months old with mild cerebral palsy.  That’s what what I love about being an Infant Massage Instructor.  Sharing knowledge and experiences with a diverse community of conscientious moms who want the very for their babies at every age!   It was also nice to get honest feedback from one new mother of twins who said, “I love the blanket, but I’m not into the mustard oil.”  Fair enough, so she bought a starter blanket to try at home, and I assured her I’d let her know as soon as my Almond Oil order comes in.  Meanwhile, other clients without children were interested in just buying the mustard seed oil, which is great for hair and skin, in addition to being a rich massage oil.  Post-festival it was nice to see some Sacred Baby Massage Kit sales come in through our new online store and our first shipments go out today!

If you’re looking for a luxurious, unique and authentic baby gift, check out our online store and find out why massaged babies are the happiest in the world!