Intro to Indian Baby Massage at BINI BIRTH

by Summer Menkee, CEIM

BINI BIRTH in Sherman Oaks hosted our first Baby Massage workshop with our own baby guru Rajkumari Jha (aka Momiji) on Wednesday, September 25th, 2013. Baby Sage was the demo model rockstar for the first thirty minutes! He’s a pro now at getting daily massage since his 6th day of life July 17th, 2013. Here are some photos of the beautiful moms and dads who lined up to receive one-on-one tips and teaching for their own babies from Momiji.  A very special thank you to Anna Paula Markel for sharing her gorgeous space, and to Carmen Thomas-Paris for sharing her post pardem wisdom, expertise and holistic network!  This first workshop showed us the desire and demand from LA parents eager to learn and practice baby massage.  Stay tuned for upcoming workshops info.

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